Solar Power is a renewable technology based on sunlight. Arriving at our Earth via the Sun, this energy is a radiant energy released from fusion process in Solar nucleus. Arriving at Earth, even a small part of this energy is much more than enough for the daily energy consumption of humanity. In France, Belidor has invented a Solar power operated pump in 1725. Mouchot has invented a small steam engine by focusing Solar rays with parabolic mirrors’ help in 1860. For the first time, Solar power operated air cyclic machine has been improved by Ericsson in 1868. Worldwide use of Solar power accelerated after 1970s. The most important reasons of Solar power technology progress are its being an environment-friendly, and a clean primary energy source. Solar is a new generation energy source because of never ending energy, lending to local practices, budget friendly, devoid of hazardous wastes as gas, smoke, sulphur, radiation.